April 15, 2024

Firefly: Big Damn Hero, by James Lovegrove. (Original story concept by Nancy Holden). Titan Books, 2018. 336 pages, hardback.

Keeping Serenity flying is a full-time job for its crew, a job that requires paying work, something that is often in short supply. When their old acquaintance Badger has a hot job for them, the crew feel they have little choice. Even with a cargo as hot as this one.

Then Captain Mal goes missing.

With the Alliance closing in, Serenity sets off to deliver a cargo that can’t be late. They just take a couple of detours en route to search for their missing captain.

Meanwhile Capt. Mal is battling angels and demons from his past, a past that has come back to haunt him.

James Lovegrove has absolutely captured the voice of Firefly. Not just in in character dialogue but also in the narrative. If it weren’t for the length of the book, this could easily be an episode of the TV series. The situation is very much in the ‘verse and the characterization is nearly spot on. I do feel like the book was a little too long, with too much time spent in flashbacks to Mal’s past on Shadow. And I do have a minor issue with Lovegrove’s interpretation of Kaylee, as she came across as whiny.

I found Firefly: Big Damn Hero to be highly enjoyable book that brought me right back into the TV series. Highly recommended.

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