The Starbird I created Troy Star when I was about 9 or 10 years old. He was made up on the playground of Wesson Attendance Center as an imaginary friend. Troy’s name was originally Troy McGloskey and he was huge. Troy was over 7 feet tall. I don’t remember how tall exactly or how much he weighed. I can’t remember really what he looked like in my mind.
         Troy developed an alter ego at one point, though, in the form of a super hero named Coronus. All I really remember about Coronus is that his mask was the same shape as my hands placed on my face with my fingers spread to make a W shape that revealed my eyes, nose, and mouth.
         Troy McGloskey had one book adventure called The Cyberman Factor, in which he and his friends, whose names I don’t remember, met with the Doctor, the lead character from the British sci-fi cult classic Doctor Who, and his companions. I think it was the forth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and Harry Sullivan. I won’t swear to that, though. I was about 11 years old and I destroyed that book a long time ago after I heard the word “plagiarism.”
         The first time I used the name Troy Star for a character name was in a book called The Horror of Darkon. By then, he had gotten smaller in stature and had lost his super powers. He gained a spaceship, though. The ship has as much to do with the creation of the series of books as the character, Troy. I don’t remember where or when he picked up the middle name Joseph or if I ever used the nickname TJ.
         The ship was called Starbird and was based on a Milton Bradley toy called Star Bird, from the late ‘70’s or early ‘80’s. Initially, the Starbird was huge, being about the size of the Battlestar Galactica, before I used it in the books. In my imagination, as I flew the ship around, it was huge. It also got smaller for the books, being about the size of a Boeing 747. At one point it took its lead from Doctor Who and was a TARDIS - a dimensionally transcendental time and space traveling machine with a unique camouflaging system. Had to change the name, though, to Time Transfer Capsule or some such. Copyright violation, otherwise.
         I made the mistake of lending The Horror of Darkon to a friend to type it for me. That was about 1982. I never saw it again. I eventually rewrote it. I do not remember if the second book bore any real resemblance to the first.
         After writing the new The Horror of Darkon, I wrote The Mission. The Mission became the first of five books in a series called The Challengers, named so after the space shuttle. The Mission was written in about 1984 and introduced a new concept for Troy Star. Troy’s name got anagrammed into Starrius Tromas and he became a prince. Starrius Tromas and Troy Star became the same person.
         I tried to separate Troy from Starrius with a book called Aquarius and many failed attempts a re-writing The Challengers. I also tried to get away from both of them with other failed attempts such as Benue, Timeslip, and Is It Wrong to Feel This Way?
         The only successful separation stories were Aquarius and Flight of the Starbird. Thunderbird Warrior was the only successful attempt at getting away from them both. Even tried my hand at poetry and real “short stories”. I always seem to come back to Troy and Starrius, though. They/he are partly and a part of me. How do you get away from yourself?
         Troy/Starrius has been described as 24 years old, 6 feet tall, and about 200 pounds. He’s muscular and agile, has brown hair that comes to the middle of his shoulder blades, and has brown eyes and fair skin. Looks a little and a lot like I did at 24. Only, I’m not 6 feet and 200 pounds.  Troy Joseph Star was born April 2, 2960, on Earth. Starrius Tromas was never assigned a birthday.        
         Both men are intelligent, no-nonsense, logical, and methodical. Both are good with weapons of their respective areas and know something of martial arts. Both are technical minded; Troy with computers and electronics, Starrius with the comparable gadgets of medieval life. Both are lousy with women and tend to be sarcastic out of turn.
         At the moment, as of Flight of the Starbird, they are separate. Troy is a pilot and an engineer. Starrius is the prince of a small kingdom. Who knows how long that separation will last?
Troy Star
The Aquarius Coin
Doctor Who
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