The Starbird The Star Bird is a toy space ship I had when was a kid. I was about 9 or 10 years old and I had it for several years. Milton Bradley made it in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. There was a later variation called Star Bird Avenger.
The Star Bird was about 16 inches long, about 11 inches wide, and about 2 and a half inches tall. It had interestingly angled wings and the front was comprised of 2 pieces.  
The control cabin housed the battery and the speaker and could be pulled off of the body. The engine could be pulled out of the body and combined with the cabin to make a new smaller ship. The out shell could be removed from the cabin and you’d have an even smaller ship.
At the tips of each wing were small Y-shaped gliders or probes that could be removed.
When you turn the sound effect on, it made an electronic thrumming noise and if you pointed the ship up, the pitch would increase. If you pointed the ship down, the pitch would decrease. There was a button on the top of the cabin that if pressed would activate the gun noise, an electronic beeping and the guns in the front would flash.
I used to set the ship on the engine, pointed up. Turn it on and try to find it with my eyes closed. That’s probably how it got broken. I used a lamp harp and popsicle sticks to try to rebuild the cabin. I finally threw it away when I went to college.
I found the ship on eBay in 2003 and got one at probably 10 times the original price.
Milton Bradley discontinued the Star Bird because of choking hazard presented by the laser cannon on the rear of the body.
In my imagination, Star Bird, or Starbird as I thought of it, was at one time huge, like the Battlestar Galactica. Another time it was smaller, like a 747.
The ship used in Flight of the Starbird is 747-size with a crew of 4 and is capable of speeds up to 15 times the speed of light. At one time it was a shape assumed by a TARDIS.
The current Starbird is an ordinary spaceship. It is the second biggest influence on my writing.
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