This is the storyline for the Star Trek idea I had started. In places it is somewhat basic and in others, detailed. The structure here might be difficult to read because it is one block paragraph.


Star Trek:  The Next Generation – Timeslip

Van Turner, 1992


Captain Picard, Jean-Luc

Commander Riker, William

Lt. Commander Data (Operations Manager:  Android)

Lt. Commander La Forge, Geordi (Chief Engineer:  VISOR)

Lt. Commander Troi, Deanna (Ship Counselor:  Betazoid)

Lt. Commander Crusher, Beverly (Chief Medical Officer)

Lieutenant Worf (Security Chief:  Klingon)

Lieutenant O’Brien, Miles (Transporter Chief)

Ensign Ro, Laren (Navigator:  Bajoren)

Guinan (bartender:  unknown)

Eric Phelps:  brown hair, brown eyes, fair complexion. Easy going, light sense of humor, intelligent. 22 years old, American, 5ft 8in tall, 150lbs (Ave). Blue jeans, white T-shirt, black high tops.

Zholan:  German Shepherd-like Rep. of the dog-like Mulgratsems.

Taiba:  Terrier-like scientist in charge of the Alpha project.

Storyline:  The story begins with Eric and his girlfriend, Rhoda, walking to the dormitory on a college campus. Eric walks her to the lobby and leaves. On the way to his dorm, one of his friends shoots at him with a paint pellet gun in a friendly game called “Splat.” Eric pursues his friend, who missed, but loses him in the wooded area on the outskirts of the campus. Eric starts back to the dorm but is distracted by an object which appears to be a black pyramid. On closer inspection, the pyramid crackles and sparks and Eric is pulled inside as the pyramid vanishes. Eric passes out and awakes in a large open room with force field door. He is still in the pyramid and when he crawls out an alarm goes off. Three non-Human people enter the room after turning off the force field. They are Mulgratsems, a technologically advanced race experimenting in time travel with probes like the pyramid. Eric doesn’t know this and panics at the sight of the dog-like race. He hits one with a paint pellet from inside the pyramid. Another fires back with a phaser-type weapon and hits the pyramid. It vanishes again in a cloud of sparks only to reappear in the Enterprise cargo bay. An alarm goes off as soon as it appears and a few minutes later Lt. Worf arrives with four security personnel. Eric barely manages to crawl halfway out of the pyramid and passes out as the security team covers him. Lt. Worf checks him over and takes his paint pellet gun then calls for a medical team. Eric stays out for a while but in the meantime, Captain Picard calls Lt. Worf to his Ready Room. The captain wants to know about this pyramid. Worf tells him that he’s never seen anything like it or the strange weapon, the pellet gun, which he gives to Picard. Picard summons Data inside and tells him to find out what he can about the pyramid. He dismisses them and follows them out, turning command over to his Number One, Cmdr. Riker. Picard arrives in sick bay where Dr. Crusher is monitoring Eric, who is still out. She reports no injuries but has found something strange in Eric’s possession:  a bi-fold wallet with a driver’s license, a college ID, a social security card and money in it. Picard looks it over decides they have a problem. He gives the responsibility of finding out who the young man is to Dr. Crusher and leaves. We cut to the cargo hold to find Data checking out the pyramid. He climbs inside and sees the advance circuitry. The captain calls him on the communicator and asks what he’s found out so far. Data reports his finding but still has no clue as to what the pyramid is. He tells Picard that he’ll contact him when he finds out more and begins scanning the circuitry with a tricorder. On the bridge, Picard calls Worf away from his station and they go into the Captain’s Ready Room. Picard hands him the paint pellet gun and tells him to check it out. As they turn to go, Dr. Crusher calls Picard. The young man is awake and has an interesting story to tell. Picard tells her to call Data in the cargo hold to sick bay then tells Worf to come with him. They arrive in sick bay and Data comes in behind them. Eric panics over the sight of Work and Dr. Crusher assures him the Klingon is friendly. Eric settles down but continues to stare at Worf and Data, whom Eric does not know is an android. Picard asks Eric who he is and how he came to be there. Eric tells him about chasing his friend with the paint pellet gun and Picard interrupts him to ask him if he means “this gun” – holding up the weapon. Eric assures him it isn’t dangerous. Eric continues telling Picard about the pyramid, about coming out in a large metal room and three dog-like people coming in. He tells them about firing at them, them firing back then waking up in sick bay. Eric finally asks where he is and Picard tells him he is on board a space craft designed for exploration called Enterprise. Picard tells him that he is in the twenty-fourth century, the year by old standards in 2368, almost ’69. Eric realizes he doesn’t have any choice but accept that. He asks Picard if they have time travel as common practice and the captain tells him that Earth doesn’t have time travel at all but they have experimented. Data tells Eric that the pyramid is not Human technology but is Mulgratsem according to the computer terminal and keyboard. The Mulgratsems in the twenty-fourth century don’t have time travel either that they know of. Picard tells Worf to show Eric around and answer any questions he may have. He calls Riker and tells him to contact the Mulgratsem homeworld and tells Data to find out for sure if the Mulgratsems have time travel, to inform them about the pyramid and Eric. After Data leaves, Eric stops Picard and asks him what’s wrong with Data’s eyes and skin. Picard tells him Data is an android and to feel assured that all the other alien life forms on the Enterprise are friendly. The captain tells Worf to help Eric as much as he can to get adjusted to the twenty-fourth century because there was the possibility that he might be stuck here. The captain leaves and Worf leads Eric out. As they begin their tour of the ship, Worf asks to hear more about this game, “Splat.” Picard arrives on the bridge and Riker informs him that he has contacted the Mulgratsems. Picard greets the Mulgratsem representative; a woman named Zholan, and tells her they may have recovered a piece of Mulgratsem equipment. He tells Data to explain. Data tells Zholan about the pyramid and Eric. He tells her what Eric told them about the pyramid and asks if it is their equipment. Zholan tells him it is their equipment and she already knows about the young human male. She wishes to apologize for any inconvenience and asks that the Time Probe be returned for inspection and repairs. There is the possibility it may be damaged and the young man may be stuck in the 24th century. Picard tells her Eric already knows that and he tells her that they should be in transporter range in thirty hours. Zholan signs off and Picard calls Worf who is showing Eric Ten Forward. Picard tells Eric, via Worf’s communicator, that they would arrive near the Mulgratsem homeworld in thirty hours for transport of the pyramid. Eric tells him he’ll cooperate anyway he can if it’ll get him home. Worf leaves Eric with Guinan, to whom they have been talking. Guinan asks him how it feels to be in the 24th century when just a few hours ago he was in the 20th. Eric talks with Guinan for a moment then asks where he’s going to stay. Guinan asks the computer and Eric is impressed when it responds. Guinan asks the computer to help Eric find his quarters by lighting the wall panels on the way. Eric leaves and follows the light panels to a turbolift then goes to his quarters. He is there only a few minutes when the door bell chirps and Counselor Troi comes in to talk with Eric. She wants to know how he’s feeling. He tells her it hasn’t really hit him yet that he may be stuck here because they are going to get the pyramid fixed and he might be going home. He tells her to ask him again if they can’t fix it. He tells her that he misses his girlfriend, Rhoda, who would’ve been dead over three hundred years ago. He tells Troi that he needs something to do to keep his mind off of it for now. Troi tells him about the Holodeck and to get the computer to help him. She gives him a communicator pin in case they need to contact him or vice versa. She leaves and he turns to the small computer screen. He addresses the computer and asks about the Holodeck. Deanna Troi arrives on the Bridge and sits in her customary place to the left of the captain. She tells him of her talk with Eric. Troi is worried about him. Picard acknowledges that Eric is intelligent and should adapt nicely if forced to stay. Will Riker says he’d like to meet Eric and Troi says he might be in a Holodeck. Riker asks the computer where Eric is and it tells him he is in Holodeck Three. Riker goes to find Eric. Geordi La Forge, in the cargo bay, discovers something odd in the pyramid and calls Data to come take a look. Data and La Forge go over the pentagon shaped mineral which neither of them can identify. They have the computer scan the rock and it can’t identify it either. Geordi speculates that the Mulgratsems of the future may have discovered a mineral which can produce the energy needed for time travel but the Mulgratsems of the present don’t have this mineral. Data calls Captain Picard to come take a look. Riker enters the Holodeck to find what looks like a small town with a lot of large buildings surrounded by thick woods. He walks into the college campus program Eric created and Eric, never having seen Riker before, sees him now and takes him to be a holograph. Eric fires the paint pellet gun and hits Riker in the chest. Riker wipes the paint off his uniform and looks at Eric who now realizes Riker is real. Eric apologizes profusely and freezes the program. Riker asks him how he figured out the Holodeck and Eric tells him that he asked the computer if it could do it, it said yes, and Eric said do it. Riker mentally acknowledges the young man’s intelligence. Riker talks with Eric while Picard arrives in the cargo bay. Data and Geordi show him the crystalline rock and explain the problem. Geordi tells Picard his suspicions. Picard says he’ll keep that in mind and returns to the Bridge, having left the ship in Deanna’s charge. Data and Geordi continue trying to get more out of the pyramid. Eric is alone in the Holodeck, playing Splat, Riker left to change shirts and Captain Picard, on his way to the Bridge, stops by. Picard tells him that it’s night on the Enterprise and he might want to get some sleep. Eric admits he is tired and saves the program as Splat. Picard admits to him that he is amazed at how quickly Eric catches on. Eric tells him that he was a double major of computer science and computer engineering, that he had built a voice interface computer for his senior project. It worked fine, it was just slow. Eric gets off the turbolift at Deck 9 (the Holodeck is on Deck 11). Eric goes to his quarters and goes to sleep. The captain goes to his quarters and goes to sleep. The next morning, Data has a surprise for the Captain, who comes into the cargo bay to check up on Data’s progress. Data has accessed the Time Probe’s computer and has discovered that the machine is from the twenty-sixth century. The Mulgratsems began developing the Probe in the 24th and spent two hundred years getting it working. Picard goes back to the Bridge, where Riker is waiting. The Mulgratsems have sent a research vessel to intercept the Enterprise in five hours from their homeworld. Picard summons Data and Eric to his Ready Room. They arrive shortly and he tells them about the ship. Data tells Eric what he found out about the Probe. Eric realizes that he is stuck here if the Mulgratsems get the Probe in the 24th century. Picard tells Eric to get a uniform and lieutenant pips. Picard suggests that he, with his computer expertise and Data get to work repairing the Probe. They have five hours which they spend diligently but to no avail. Data translates the Mulgratsem language and reconstructs their theories on time travel and the Probe and Eric, with schematic, repairs the computer systems but they can’t get the Probe to work. The Mulgratsem ship arrives and Zholan, with a team of scientists, beam aboard. The team leader is a man named Taiba. The captain greets them with Counselor Troi at his side. They exchange amenities and Picard has O’Brien show them to the cargo bay then asks Troi what she felt from them. She says they feel excited about this; ambitious, not very cautious. Troi can tell the Mulgratsems are curious about Probe. Picard goes to the cargo bay and Troi goes to her office. Data and Eric, now in Starfleet uniform with lieutenant’s pips, greet Zholan and Taiba. Captain Picard comes in a moment later, as Zholan and Taiba greedily pour over the Time Probe. He lets them for a few minutes then tells Data to tell them what he was able to do. Data tells them he and Eric got the machine operational but they couldn’t get it to work. They are offended that the Humans tinkered with their equipment. Picard points out that the Probe isn’t exactly their equipment. It is, but not yet. Zholan threatens to call the Federation and Picard tells her to go ahead. She and Taiba leave the cargo bay, Picard behind them. They go to the transporter room on Deck 14 (via turboshaft 12 from deck 38/39 cargo bay to Deck 25 horizontal arteries across to turboshaft 9 and up to Deck 14) and transport back to their ship. Picard goes on to the Bridge and arrives to see Zholan on the screen. She is giving Picard one more chance to turn over the Probe before calling Starfleet. Again, Picard tells her to go ahead; he is sure they’d like to hear the whole story. Zholan asks to see the young man who got caught in the experiment. Picard tells her she has already seen Eric. He was in the cargo bay, in uniform; and he tells her that she is stalling. He asks her why she doesn’t go ahead with her threat. Is she afraid of being found out a liar about the Time Probe? He is about to ask her if she is afraid of being accused of being negligent in the experiment because of Eric when the intruder alert goes off. Picard tells Zholan he’ll deal with her later and ends the transmission. Worf reports that Data has confirmed an intruder in the cargo bay. It is another pyramid and more Mulgratsems. Picard tells him to tell Data he’s on the way. Picard arrives in the cargo bay and is met by the Mulgratsems, two women: Vronda and M’Ched. They claim to be from the future, from the 26th century and they came to collect the Time Probe. Eric recognizes Vronda as the Mulgratsem he shot with the paint pellet gun and asks if she remembers him. Vronda does and wishes to interview him about his experience then return him home. Eric says he’ll cooperate anyway he can if it’ll get him home. Picard tells them they have a more pressing problem. He tells the Mulgratsems of the future about those of the present. M’Ched tells him to call them. Picard calls Worf and tells him to call Zholan and to pipe the call down to the cargo bay. Worf does this and Zholan’s face comes on the cargo bay computer screen. M’Ched greets Zholan and tells her who she is and what she is doing. Zholan is furious and threatens to attack the Enterprise. Picard reminds Zholan that she is greatly outmatched but if she did damage the Enterprise she might damage both Time Probes and lose any hope of getting time travel early. M’Ched tells Zholan to be patient and with careful research, the Mulgratsems will get time travel. Zholan concedes that M’Ched is right and apologizes to the captain. Picadr closes the channel and suggests they get on with their interview, he is sure Eric wants to go home. They, Picard, Eric, Data, M’Ched, and Vronda, leave the cargo bay. We cut to a few hours later when Picard, Eric, M’Ched, and Vronda come back to the cargo bay. Eric is in his own clothes and has prepared for the trip back. He has told M’Ched and Vronda about his and Data’s attempt to get the Probe working and M’Ched tells him there is a voice command. Vronda programs Eric’s Probe and M’Ched programs hers. Vronda is going with Eric to bring the Probe back to the 26th century. Eric says his goodbyes and climbs in the Probe, Vronda behind him. M’Ched climbs in her Probe but before she can go, Picard asks her what the word is. M’Ched tells him it is “dze-vica” (dzeh-VEE-kah), the Mulgratsem word for “engage.” The pyramids vanish without noise or sparks. Later, on the Bridge, Picard tells Ensign Ro to set a course for the Beta Epsilon system, warp three. “Dze-vica!” Number One and Ro look at him. Data explains that dze-vica is the Mulgratsem word for engage and Picard says “engage.” In the wooded area outside the college campus, the pyramid appears and Eric climbs out. The pyramid vanishes and Eric starts back to his dorm room when he hears a noise. Eric turns and fires and hits his friend with the paint pellet gun. His friend asks where he’d hid, he’d looked for an hour and he got hit. Eric is stunned and his friend asks if he’s okay. Eric says it seemed a lot longer than an hour. They go back to the dorm and Eric calls Rhoda, excited to hear her voice again. He asks her if they can go out and she says yes. Eric gets ready for his date and finds that he had forgotten to return the communicator pin Troi had given him. The story ends with Eric saying “what a trip!”