This is my attempt at script-writing.




The Doctor
Raiders:          Captain Torbek (leader)
                        Commander Son-Tor (2nd-in-Com./1st Man)
                        Lt. Commander Zefir (pilot) 1st navigator
                        Lieutenant Eltach (copilot/2nd Man) navigator
                        Ensign Bact (navigator) (communications)
                        4 others
Guards:           Talo (1st)
                        Netch (2nd)
                        3 others
Retsam (contact)
Technicians:   Kandor
                        4 others
Prime Minister Nelpret


Episode One

1 INT.:  The TARDIS control room. The DOCTOR is pacing round the console, making minute adjustments from time to time.

DOCTOR (anxious):  I do hope you like this place. I haven’t been here since… er… since…

ACE (teasing):  Like, it’s been that long? 

DOCTOR:  Yes… Well, not that long.

ACE (hands on hips):  Where are we anyway? You’ve had your head in the clouds-

DOCTOR (interrupting):  We haven’t materialized yet. But we’re about to.

2 INT.:  The hold of a ship. The TARDIS materializes in a corner.

DOCTOR (from inside):  You’re going to love this, Ace! A blue planet. (He steps out of the TARDIS).

ACE (from inside):  Wicked. The TARDIS should feel right at home. (Follows).

DOCTOR (frowning):  This isn’t Metebelis.

ACE:  What?

DOCTOR:  Metebelis Three, that’s where we were going. This isn’t it.

ACE (impatiently):  Well, then just where the hell are we?

DOCTOR (grinning):  Why don’t we find out? (He goes back to lock the TARDIS door).

ACE (to herself):  Why do I have the oddest feeling I’m going to regret this?

DOCTOR (having returned):  What were you – (he is interrupted by a loudspeaker voice).

LOUDSPEAKER:  Do not move! Any attempt to escape will lead to the immediate termination of your lives!

(The DOCTOR and ACE exchange a glance).
ACE:  What –

LOUDSPEAKER:  Remain silent. Stand apart from each other, facing opposite directions, hands spread above your heads, legs spread apart.

ACE (to herself):  I knew it.

3 INT.:  A door at the far end of the hold opens and two armed, space suited men walk in. One goes to the DOCTOR, the other to ACE. They search the DOCTOR and ACE.

DOCTOR (annoyed):  We’re not armed. I never carry weapons.

1ST MAN:  Get quiet!

DOCTOR (to ACE):  Have you ever noticed their primary concern seem be us communicating.

ACE (warningly):  You might try complying for once.

2ND MAN (to the DOCTOR):  Your pretty friend here seems to have the right idea. Why don’t you follow her good example? (To the 1ST MAN):  This one’s clean. (Pointing to ACE). And right pretty, too. (Grinning).

ACE (frightened and embarrassed):  Thanks, I think.

1ST MAN (pointing to the DOCTOR):  This one, too.

DOCTOR (flustering to stall):  Oh, I never really considered myself pretty before; handsome maybe –

1ST MAN (angry):  I meant clean! If Captain Torbek didn’t want to see you two –

ACE (interrupting):  I’m Ace and this is the Doctor. And who are you?

1ST MAN (angrier):  I don’t give a damn who the hell you are! Now move! (He shoves the Doctor, then turns to Ace, who is already moving.)

2nd MAN (to ACE):  To answer your question, dear, I’m Lieutenant Eltach and that’s Lt. Commander Son-Tor.

ACE:  Where are we going?

ELTACH:  You’ll find out soon enough. (They pass through the bulkhead door and it closes behind them.)

4 INT.:  Control room of the ship. There are seven nine men on the bridge when ELTACH and SON-TOR lead the DOCTOR and ACE in.
SON-TOR (to TORBEK):  Here they are, sir. (Takes his seat. *See drawings).

TORBEK (stands from the seat):  How did you get on my ship?

DOCTOR:   We get around.

TORBEK (approaching the DOCTOR):  How do you get -? No. Nevermind. You’re stoways and you’re not welcome. Where did you get on?

DOCTOR (facing TORBEK):  I think we were shipped on with the last cargo.

ACE (bluffing):  We hid in the big blue box. It’s awfully scary in there. If you want to hold us, don’t put us in the brig, put us in the box.

TORBEK (grinning):  Little girl, I’ve heard that line before. And shot the man giving it. It’d be a shame to shoot you, dearie.

DOCTOR (to ACE):  Very good, old chap.

ACE:  You can’t blame me for trying.

TORBEK:  So you came on by way of Nactol Space Port, eh?


TORBEK:  Ha! Nactol is halfway across the solar system. (Seizes the DOCTOR by the color of his jacket.) Now, where did you get on?

DOCTOR (trying to free himself):  We got on by means of transmat.

TORBEK (releases the DOCTOR):  Where?

DOCTOR:  If you mean where from, we transmatted from Earth in a self contained unit, the blue box, to here.

TORBEK:  That’s all I wanted to know, friend. Now, what are your names.

ACE:  I’m Ace and this is the Doctor.

TORBEK:  Very good, dear. Eltach, put ‘em in the brig.

DOCTOR (whining):  Oh, not the brig. I’ve been in hundreds of brigs. They’re not the least –

ELTACH:  Oh, come on! (Shoves the DOCTOR out of the bridge. ACE follows.)

TORBEK:  They’re a strange pair.

BACT:  Coming up on Tisan, sir. (*See sketch).

TORBEK (moves to Bact’s console):  Get me our contact. Secure the channel. I wonder if our friend knows anything about these two.

SON-TOR:  Why should he?  Those two are obviously fools.

TORBEK:  They’re just the fools our friend would hire as spies.

ZEFIR:  Sir, why would he send spies?

TORBEK:  That’s what I intend to find out.

5 INT.:  A corridor outside the brig. Eltach is locking the brig door. The brig has two bunks and a desk with a lamp.

ELTACH (to ACE):  Sorry about this, love. But I’m only following orders.

ACE:  That’s what they all say. And to think I was just beginning to like you, Eltach.

(ELTACH leaves, looking disappointed).

DOCTOR:  He’s the youngest, obviously.

ACE:  Oh? Why so obvious?

DOCTOR (sits on bunk):  He likes you and still says he was only following orders. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like him as well.

ACE (open-mouthed, wide-eyed, frustrated):  Of all the nerve!

DOCTOR:  Not now, dear. I’m trying to think of a way out of this.

(Ace throws herself on the other bunk).

6 INT.:  The bridge. TORBEK is talking to his contact over the communications system. ELTACH is on the bridge.

TORBEK:  You mean you didn’t send them?

CONTACT ON DELTA TISAN:  No, Torbek, they’re not under my employ. I never even considered sending spies. I believe I can trust you to do what you’re supposed to and not tell anyone.

TORBEK (sighs):  Very well then. I can do what I want with them, eh? (Laughs).

CONTACT:  What did you have in mind? Remember, we still need a scapegoat and those two are perfect.

TORBEK:  Yes, they would be. And to think I was going to kill them. (Pause). Very well. Scapegoats we need, scapegoats they’ll be. Torbek out. (Flips a switch on the panel.) Son-tor, let’s work out a plan where they’ll be scapegoats.

SON-TOR (rising from his seat):  Yes sir.

(They sit at the TORBEK’S desk (*see sketch) Nobody sees ELTACH leave the bridge).

7 INT.:  The brig. The DOCTOR is lying on the bottom bunk and ACE on the top. The door opens and ELTACH comes in.

ELTACH (goes to ACE):  Ace, wake up. (Shakes her).

ACE (groggy):  What now? Execution?

ELTACH:  Possibly, if you and your friend don’t get out of here. Torbek and his contact on Delta Tisan are planning to use you as scapegoats in their plan.

DOCTOR (sits up):  What plan?

ELTACH:  We’re raiders. We have arranged a plan between someone on Delta Tisan and the moon it’s watching. Delta Tisan is a minimum security space station and the people of the moon want to take it over. Torbek has a contact on the station, I don’t know who, that’s gonna help the people on the moon.

ACE (sits up expectantly):  Will you help us get out of here?

DOCTOR:  More importantly, will you help us get to Delta Tisan.

ACE:  Why?

DOCTOR:  Well, someone’s got to warn them.

ACE:  Why always us?

ELTACH:  Doctor, Ace, not now. I can’t get you passed the bridge. (Climbs up onto the top bunk and takes down the ventilation grille.) This goes straight back to the hold if you go that way. (Points away from the bridge).

ACE:  Is this really, like, the only way?
ELTACH:  Yes. Sorry.

DOCTOR:  Don’t apologize, Eltach. You may have helped save a planet. Or at least its moon. I need the coordinates. Thank you. (Shakes his hand). Ace?

(ELTACH writes the coordinates on a slip of paper).

ACE:  Wicked. I’ve never been in an air duct before. (Up she goes)

(ELTACH gives the DOCTOR the slip of paper).

DOCTOR:  One question? Well, two. How many of you are there?

ELTACH:  Nine. Why?

DOCTOR:  How are nine raiders going to take over even a minimum security space station?

ELTACH:  I think Torbek’s contact has people on the inside. You see, this is a big job for Torbek. Supposedly “our” biggest pay-off. But you know how that goes.

DOCTOR (grinning):  Don’t I? (Follows ACE).

8 INT.:  The bridge. TORBEK is discussing the finer points of his plan with SON-TOR. ELTACH comes back on the bridge and sits down.

TORBEK (looks up):  Where’ve you been?

ELTACH (nervously):  To secure weapons, sir.

TORBEK:  I didn’t give an order to secure weapons, Eltach.

ELTACH (uneasy):  I took the duty upon myself, sir.

TORBEK (grinning):  Alright, Eltach. Good thinking. (Turns back to SON-TOR). He’s lying. I don’t know what he’s trying to cover up, but I aim to find out.

SON-TOR:  Sir, he did take a liking to that girl.

TORBEK (hitting the desk):  That’s it! He’s released them.

SON-TOR (sotto voce):  I wouldn’t doubt it of that little wimp. But how do we prove it?

TORBEK (impatiently):  Who cares how? Since when have we done anything legally. (Loudly):  Zefir! Go check on the prisoners.
ZEFIR (stands):  Sir! (Turns to go.)

ELTACH (stands):  I’ll do it, sir.

(Zefir stops and turns to TORBEK, eyebrows raised.)

TORBEK:  Do your duty, Zefir. Eltach, I think you’ve done enough for the day.

ELTACH (sits):  Yes, sir.

(Zefir leaves the bridge).


9 INT.:  The DOCTOR and ACE are crawling through the ventilation duct.

DOCTOR:  See anything yet? A light perhaps?

ACE:  No, not a thing.

DOCTOR:  Just keep going. We’ll get there eventually. After all, the best things come to those who crawl. Right, Ace?

ACE (sighing):  Right, Doctor. Whatever you say. (They continue). Wait! I see a light. I think this is the end.

(They come to the grille in the hold. ACE looks down through the vent.)

ACE:  I’ll need some help here, you know. It’s a long way down.

(The DOCTOR crawls around ACE and takes the vent cover off.)

DOCTOR (positioning himself to drop):  Here go my legs. Alley oop! (Drops). (From below):  Ouch! Ooh, that smarts!

ACE (laughing):  Here I come! (Positions herself. Drops).

10 INT.:  The hold. The DOCTOR catches ACE and sets her down.

DOCTOR (runs to the TARDIS):  Hurry up, Ace! They’ll miss us. (He unlocks the door and rushes in, ACE behind him.)

ACE:  I hope they don’t find out Eltach let us go! (Closes the door.)

DOCTOR (triumphantly):  You do like him!

(The TARDIS dematerializes).

11 INT.:  The bridge. ZEFIR rushes in, red faced, panting with exersion.

ZEFIR:  They’re gone, sir!

TORBEK:  What?!

ZEFIR:  The ventilation cover had been removed and they’re not in the cell.

SON-TOR:  The blue box! That’s where they’ll be!

TORBEK:  Right! Maybe we can catch them. Come on! Emergency crew, take the comm.

(TORBEK, SON-TOR, ZEFIR, and ELTACH leave the bridge. Extras take their places.)

12 INT.:  The hold. They arrive just as the TARDIS dematerializes. TORBEK turns to ELTACH.)

TORBEK:  You did it, didn’t you?

ELTACH (draws himself up):  Yes, I did it.

TORBEK (grins):  Good. Zefir, throw him in the brig!

(ZEFIR takes ELTACH off. ELTACH goes quietly.)

SON-TOR:  What now? They’ve gotten away.

TORBEK (to the crew):  Return to your stations. (The crew leaves). (To SON-TOR):  Yes. But we know where they’re going, don’t we?

SON-TOR (guessing):  Delta Tisan? Surely not. In your plan, you wanted them to get away.

TORBEK:  Of course, Delta Tisan; to warn them, I’d guess. And I did want them to get away. But I wanted you to release them. Now they’ve gotten away too soon.

SON-TOR:  Do you think Eltach told them anything? I’ll question him if you like.

TORBEK:  That won’t be necessary. He probably told the Doctor all he knew.  Anyway, all I have to do is contact Delta. Let’s go.

13 INT.:  A long, brightly lit corridor. The corridor has doors lining either side. The corridor was empty. Further down there is an intersecting corridor. 5 GUARDS are coming up this corridor. The TARDIS materializes.

1ST GUARD (to the 2nd):  What was that noise?

2nd GUARD:  I don’t know but we’d better find out. (They move toward the intersection).

The TARDIS has materialized. There is shouting inside.

ACE (indignant):  I do not like Eltach! I’m just concerned.

(The door opens and the DOCTOR and ACE step out.)

DOCTOR (quietly):  Be quiet. I thought I heard something.

ACE:  This is, like, totally wicked and totally empty.

DOCTOR (loud):  Yes, Ace, this corridor is quite empty. (Whispers):  You’re wrong, we’re not alone. There’s somebody in that corridor. (Points to the intersecting corridor.) Come on, Ace. We’ll just have to find someone to ask where we are.

(The guards step out of corridor to intersect the DOCTOR and ACE.)

1ST GUARD (to the DOCTOR):  And just where do you think you’re going, now?

DOCTOR:  How good of you to find us, officer. You are an officer, I trust.

1ST GUARD:  Yes, I’m an officer. Now what are you doing on Space Station Delta Tisan?

DOCTOR:  We’re lost.

1ST GUARD:  Let’s see some ID.

DOCTOR (patting his pockets):  I have some identification here, somewhere. I hope. (Looks up, grinning). I haven’t any identification but I haven’t time for it, either. I’ve come to warn you of a conspiracy.

1ST GUARD (to the others):  Search them.

ACE:  I’ll tell you what I told Son-Tor. We’re not armed.

2ND GUARD (to 1st):  Come here. (Draws him aside):  Talo, she knows Son-Tor. They must be the ones Torbek called about.

TALO [1ST GUARD]:  You’re right, Netch. We’d better hold them in the brig. This is an easy trespassing charge. (Goes back to the DOCTOR and ACE).

3RD GUARD (to TALO):  They’re clean.

DOCTOR:  As if we don’t take baths.

TALO:  We’re gonna hafta lock you up in the brig until we can clarify your story of – what was it? - a conspiracy?

ACE:  What’s the charge?

DOCTOR and NETCH (together):  Trespassing.

ACE:  Oh.

TALO:  Take them while I inform the Prime Minister.

DOCTOR (whining):  Here we go again.

(They pass the TARDIS).

NETCH (going off):  A self contained transmat unit, eh? Ingenious. Too bad is wails like a banshee.