The Starbird

I was born in Jackson, Mississippi, February 10, 1970. Lived there 'til 1979 when my parents, my sister and brother and I moved to Wesson, Mississippi. I went to Wesson Attendance Center and graduated in 1988. I went to Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Wesson and majored in English. I didn't get my Associates Degree at the time but I have gotten it since. I went to the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg for a year and dropped out.
I started writing when I was about 11 or 12. The first story was one called The Horror of Darkon. I gave to a friend to type for me since it was hand-written. He moved that summer and I never saw it or him again.
Writing and drawing have been a part of my life since then. The two were synonymous for awhile when I was illustrating my stories and later when I did illustrations related to the stories but not within the stories themselves.
I have entertained the notion of going back to school for graphic design or web design even though my strongest field seems to be retail/customer service. Lately, that seems to have moved toward shipping and receiving.
The best way to get to know me is to get to know my stories, characters and influences. The links above will take you to more about me than you probably want to know. . .
I met a woman from New Orleans in 1992. We married in 1993 and lived there for a year before going to Chicago so Anna could go to the University of Chicago in pursuit of her Masters Degree in social work. We lived in Chicago for about a year before moving to Portage, Indiana. We lived there for about a year when we had to move back to Mississippi. Anna and I lived in Macon, Mississippi with her grandmother for a little while then moved to Crystal Springs, Mississippi where we stayed about three months. We moved to Morton, Mississippi in what I had thought was the lowest point of our lives. We had to move back to Macon, and lived there for about 2 and half years in fair stability.
Anna and I moved back to New Orleans in 1999 and lived there for about four years. We moved to Chalmette, Louisiana and bought our first house. We lived there not quite 2 years when Hurricane Katrina took away so much of our lives. This was truly the lowest we'd been laid.
We moved to Montgomery, Alabama to start our lives over. It has not been the best situation but it has allowed some time to heal and try to re-establish. We lived in Montgomery until October 2008 then moved back to New Orleans.

In February 2009,we bought a house in Slidell, LA.

I really enjoy reading and read primarily science fiction and fantasy. I like to draw and sketch and have painted a little. I've discovered my camera and am trying my hand at photography, mostly landscapes. I have also written some short fiction that I'm looking to publish and getting a book published has been a dream for a long time.
I am an avid Doctor Who fan. Watching, reading, writing, drawing, podcasts, forums, websites, toys. Eat, sleep, drink, breathe, you name it. Some folks are like that about football, so do the comparison. It's no different.

I've given serious thought to opening a business. Sell and trade used books, cds, dvds, and video games. Maybe some giftsy type stuff, custom-made jewelry.
I love music from the 80s, as that's what I grew up with and I like the music of Scotland and Ireland. I kinda like all things UK. And enjoy tv theme songs, especially sci-fi tv. Weird, but that's me.
I like languages and there are several that I'd like to learn. I'm a geek and I like word origins.
I also like Renaissance Fairs and sci-fi conventions. Anything with costuming; Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I don't drink enough to count but I enjoy trying new wines and beers. I enjoy cooking and I like trying new things in the kitchen. Don't really care for sports but I like to be outside if the weather's nice. My idea of nice is cloudy days with temperatures between 40 and 70 degrees. I do enjoy bicycling and swimming.

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